Should You Have Your Wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend?

Should You Have Your Wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend?

Should You Have Your Wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend? Crystal Plaza

It’s a tricky question. On one hand, you have a holiday dedicated to family, and what says togetherness better than a wedding joining two families? On the other hand, this weekend is one of tradition rooted deeply in food and football.

Here’s some things you probably didn’t consider about having your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend.

Everyone is Already Here
All far away family members are traveling to one central location for Thanksgiving. Flying and driving can be expensive, and having family and friends travel again and again can take a financial and stressful toll. Extend the trip and have your wedding just two or three days after the holiday, and extend the family fun!

Guest List Control
Want to invite lots of people, but at the same time, have a small wedding? Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time. Some guests, whom you’d love to have, would decline due to the holiday, and that’s OK! According to the Knot about 20 – 25% of guests will RSVP “No” to a local wedding, and 30 – 35% of guests will RSVP “No” to a destination wedding. With that in mind, you can invite guests close to your heart, but plan for less.

Your Theme is Pretty Much Set
Fall colors – red, orange, gold – a warm fire, great food, and beautiful scenery outside of leaves changing. A fall wedding couldn’t be more cozy and romantic. Your theme can reflect an Autumn atmosphere, or just go full out Turkey Day themed. Pumpkin pie for desert, a caramel apple booth, and of course, serving turkey with cranberry sauce for your meal.

The weather is a bit more predictable in the Fall than other seasons. The crisp Fall air, the smell of nature all around you – an outside wedding in Fall can be beautiful in the morning. Not too hot, and with a nice breeze that anyone can enjoy. A reception indoors at night leaves guests to be cozied up with each other, feeling too full of love and warmth to leave.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide your date. Just don’t count out holidays as options!

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