14 Unique Wedding Favors

14 Unique Wedding Favors

14 Unique Wedding Favors Crystal Plaza

Wedding favors beyond the traditional gifts speak to the uniqueness of your love. Here are some favor ideas that you may or may not have thought of:

  1. Pint Glasses

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    Pint glasses are a great reusable gift that your guests can use both at the wedding and at home – especially if you have a beer tap on premises.

  2. Bottle Openers

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    The best kind of key chains are bottle opener key chains. Make it extra special with having guests names stamped on and using them as place cards on each table.

  3. Reusable Hand Warmers

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    Great for your Fall/Winter wedding, especially if your ceremony is outdoors, or to give to guests on the way out. Reusable hand warmers keep your guests cozy and this practical gift will be used again and again.

  4. Herbs

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    Everyone loves fresh herbs! Giving them herb starter plants will be a sure way to flavor up the night.

  5. Tote Bag

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    Ditch regular gift bags for reusable and customizable tote bags.

  6. Hangover Kits

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    Your guests will thank you the next day – just be sure they take one (or two) on the way out.

  7. Donation to Charity

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    If a particular charity means a lot to your or your spouse, a donation instead of party favors will leave both you and your guests feeling generous.

  8. Individual Bottles of Champaign

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    Because one glass is never enough.

  9. Seed Paper

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    Seed paper containing the flowers from your bouquet will allow yards to feel beautiful and fresh for years to come.

  10. Lotto Tickets

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    If a guest wins the jackpot at your wedding, that means you get half of the winnings, right?

  11. Playing Cards

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    Your guests will flip for this winning hand! A creative and fun way for your guests to remember how lucky they were to be a part of your celebration.

  12. Cigars

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    A classic gift that you can personalize for each guest to top off the night.

  13. CDs

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    A soundtrack of love, a CD of songs that mean something special to the bride and groom along with a short explanation of each song’s significance (the song you walked down the aisle to, the first dance, your couple’s song) will be a heartfelt and personal tribute to love.

  14. Wedding Mad Libs

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    A quirky way for your guests to have fun, break the ice with people at their table, and remember your wedding in their own words.

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