International Trends in Our Backyard

International Trends in Our Backyard

International Trends in Our Backyard Crystal Plaza

Just like fashion in the US, weddings are inspired by the trends and traditions from around the world.  If you want a leg up on what the next trends will be in wedding fashion and décor, keep reading.

The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning are the people to look to when predicting trends for your big day.  In the next coming seasons, they expect wedding trends to take on a cross between traditional style and modern vices.

The trend spotters are expecting wedding fashion to be akin to something out of your favorite fairytale.  Elegant lace sleeves are a popular trend right now, emulating ademure Victorian-Era style.  Fitted corset shapes are a classic and have never gone out of style, but paired with details like fur and leather, the corseted ballgown takes on a new life.

When it comes to themeing, the newest trends are actually styles that little girls dreamt of when envisioning their perfect wedding.  Classic touches, reminiscent of a more romantic era, are at the forefront of modern events.  Crystal Plaza was built in the late 1800’s, making it the perfect backdrop for your vintage themed wedding.

Pop culture has taken a stance within wedding trends.  Everything from emojis for your social-media-saavy millennial, to gin bars inspired by the prohibition for your old souls, is on trend in 2017/2018.

Even the street-food/food truck craze has made its way onto the scene. And those rose golds and metallics that have been everywhere from iPhones to jewelry?  We’re starting to see that in wedding decor, perfect to balance out a bright accent color.

While these specific ideas are being pinpointed as the trends for this season, never let that stop you from doing what makes you happy.  You always want to look back on your wedding day and love every memory you have.

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