Saturdays are Benched, Thursdays are up!

Saturdays are Benched, Thursdays are up!

Saturdays are Benched, Thursdays are up! Crystal Plaza

Traditionally, most couples choose to host their weddings on Saturday night; however, if you’re one of the many people keeping up with trends, you will know that Thursdays are the new Saturday.   


A Thursday wedding holds possibilities & opportunities compared to which the standard Saturday evening affair just can’t compare. 


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Saving & Splurging 


If you are just beginning your wedding planning journey, it may come as a surprise to you quite how much less expensive it is to get married on a weekday. And with all the savings you make from booking a Thursday wedding, you will be able to splurge elsewhere to make your day even more spectacular!


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Increase your vendor options 


There are a lot of wedding vendors out there – from florists and DJs to caterers and photographers. A huge part of wedding planning is combing through the massive number of options to select your ideal partner. They understand exactly what type of wedding you want – your taste in music, your culinary needs, your wedding colors, the style you’re trying to capture. Halleluiah!  


And then you find out they’re already booked that Saturday. And the following one. In fact, they’re unavailable for every Saturday until March 2023!  


Do you find another vendor? Or perhaps you just move the wedding date to during the week, when – guess what? – all your top-choice wedding vendors are available! 

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Less is More

For those couples looking to have a more intimate affair, weekday weddings are an optimal choice, you will have the luxury of being able to create a more structured & smaller guest list. Then, on the day of the wedding, you will be able to spend more time with your nearest and dearest. An intimate wedding almost guarantees  your guests will show up any day of the week! 


Throw away the Cliche  


We are seeing more and more customization when it comes to wedding planning these days, so why not a weekday wedding? Throw away the formalities and focus on what’s most important – showing your love for one another. You want your guests to gather and celebrate your love and happiness, where is it written that it can only take place on the weekends?


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The Crystal Plaza is widely regarded as one of the finest wedding and event venues in the US. Based in Livingston, NJ we offer impeccable white-glove service to meet the exacting needs of our guests. Our newly renovated garden can be rented for any function that you wish to host, while abiding to all proper social distancing protocols and procedures – including weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, photo shoots, corporate gatherings, reunions and family gatherings.

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