Over the Top Wedding Details

Over the Top Wedding Details

Over the Top Wedding Details Crystal Plaza

Everyone deserves to splurge on their wedding, and there are so many ways for you to incorporate striking effects. From the smallest detailed jewel to the biggest floral arrangement, here are more ways to have your guests get that heart-stopping feel on your big day.


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Dramatic lighting and an overabundance of flowers can turn the quietest wedding into a remarkable event. Have flowers overflow from rows as you walk down the aisle, hang flowers from chandeliers, and have loose petals scattered around the floor and tabletops. Create a flower arch over the altar where you will say your ‘I do’s’, to give a lasting, fragrant memory.

Lighting works in your favor to help create a moment. Use bare tree branch centerpieces with stark icy blue light to give wintertime feel for a reception. Have your wedding color amplified by illuminating it via. LED lights surrounding your reception hall. If your wedding color is on the lighter side, use a darker shade of the same tone to fill the hall.


First Dance

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During your first dance as a married couple, you can create a moment by choreographing dance moves, or incorporating friends and family. Another way to do this is to make your first dance a photo-op more so than a performance. Have artificial snow fall as you whisk around the dance floor, or have petals drop from the ceiling as you go in for your first dance kiss. Keep the ambiance up by having a fog machine running on the dance floor for your guests to enjoy all night.


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Wedding cakes are meant to be over-the-top, but taking wedding cakes to the next level involves some interesting serving styles and decorations. Having a suspended cake will definitely create an “ooh!” factor; attach ropes to the celling of your reception holding the base of your cake. The same concept can be applied to inverted cakes – meaning the top of the cake is upside down. Cake decorations can include real and hand-painted flowers and jewels to draw attention to the main centerpiece of the wedding.


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End your wedding with a spark– literally. Have an aisle of sparklers lead you to your honeymoon as your friends and family say goodbye. If your venue allows it, end the night by sending off eco-friendly paper lanterns for good luck into the night sky or at sunset.

Whether you want to go all out, or just have a little flair, there’s always something for everyone to make your wedding remarkable and unique.

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