Comfort Foods

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Comfort Foods

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Your favorite comfort food holds a special place in your heart – it’s the one meal, tried and true, that you can turn to when you’re having a bad day, or just want to be in a food enveloped hug. There’s no reason why the food that means so much to you should be excluded from your big day just because they’re not “traditional” wedding foods.

From Meals to Appetizers

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While comfort foods are delicious, some would argue they aren’t traditionally wedding appropriate. Think small! Turn your comfort food main course into a delicious appetizer or side dish. Instead of commanding the meal, compliment it with jars and glasses of your favorite food. These foods now become portable and in smaller, more manageable portions. For example, a messy mac and cheese meal now becomes a more manageable shot.


Disguising Your Comfort Food

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Some guests might be a little let down if you entire wedding menu spread isn’t a gourmet item after gourmet item. Dress up your favorite comfort to show its glamorous side. Take the example above, a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Not typically a wedding meal, but if you elegantly plate it, it now becomes a classy dish. Cut the grilled cheese into gourmet triangles, and have samples of tomato soup compliment the grilled cheese instead of overpower it. Go really over the top and melt the cheese with a small butane torch.


Add a Twist

There’s always room for improvement! Add a small touch to your classic comfort food. If fries are you comfort food, include some over-the-top dipping sauces. Deconstruct your burrito and plate each item individually. Putting a unique spin on your favorite meal will instantly elevate it to a more gourmet dish.


With all the stress of the day, it will be an added comfort to have your favorite food there beside you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more wedding tips!