How to Keep Cool During a Summer Wedding

How to Keep Cool During a Summer Wedding

How to Keep Cool During a Summer Wedding Crystal Plaza

There is no mystery why summer is the peak of wedding season – with blue skies, flowers abloom and greenery encapsulating your dream venue. We see why you’ve dreamt of this perfect day since childhood. Guests, elegantly dressed for the occasion, flock to celebrate your special time.

With great weather and even the most meticulous and well thought out plans, it is easy to overlook the affect of summer heat. The sun beaming and the humidity rising, a gorgeous day can quickly turn to sweaty afternoon making it nearly impossible to stay cool.

With over 100 years of experience in creating that special wedding day, we have some solutions to make your sun-sational wedding filled with fun memories sans the sweltering heat.


Throw in the Towel:

Seriously. Use cold towels to keep your guests looking and feeling fresh! Your friends and family, who came dressed to impress will be thank full for a damp cloth to help cool off.

Your Biggest Fans:

Keep your biggest supporters cool with handheld fans. Add your own personal twist by including your program on the fan. This keeps guests informed and feeling good. Including monograms or logo is another way to incorporate your own special touch to a memento.

Revitalize your guests:

One thing everyone can agree on: A refreshing drink makes a hot summer’s day that much more enjoyable. Start the cocktail hour early by providing refreshments for guests to enjoy while outdoors. Add a personal flare with a signature cocktail, or a drink you’ll be enjoying on your honeymoon.

For the Sun:

Enhance your theme and make your guests feel like royalty with Parasols. These will get your guests into the theme while staying hidden from the sun in fashion. Try a bold color to make a pop or use an array of vintage parasols to tie together the theme.

Create an Oasis:

Crystal Plaza offers a covered, air conditioned area for guests to sit during the cocktail hour. This sanctuary is sure to look glamorous and feel heavenly on a hot summer’s day.


The sun filled pictures with gorgeous green backdrops are enchanting and can be done without making guests feel stifled by the heat.