Secrets to a Fun Wedding

Secrets to a Fun Wedding

Secrets to a Fun Wedding Crystal Plaza

Plan for a separate kids table: Providing a table with items and games to entertain them will allow you and your guests to enjoy the adult festivities such as dancing, drinking, and being social.

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Chef Inspired Food Stations: Everyone likes to pretend they are a chef. Allow your guests to feel even more involved in your special day with creating their own dish.

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Music For All Ages: It is a hard balance allowing your DJ to be creative while also wanting your older guests to enjoy the music. Remember to include a few songs that will inspire your older guest to get up and dance too. They will appreciate it!

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Have Awesome Party Favors: Awesome can mean a bunch of different things when it comes to party favors. Think of creative, personalized takeaways that your guests will be excited to leave with. A fun way to do this is by channeling your guest’s inner child.

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SURPRISE! Plan a surprise entertainment for your guest that is sure to blow their mind!

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Get Creative with the Drinks. An awesome way to entertain your guests is by taking them back to their younger days. –JelloShots

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Late Night Snacks: In lieu of wedding favors, provide late night snacks for your guests to munch on as the evening begins to wine down. Here are a few ideas: Create a retro candy store or a yummy bakery stand.

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Everyone who loves you wants to be there and shower you with love and kind thoughts on your wedding but set a limit to the length of the speeches and who gets to speak. This will prevent the speeches from lasting all night.

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Have fun during your first dance! It’s one you’re going to want to remember, let it be as playful as you are.

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Enjoy yourself! It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to.

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