Color Scheme Tips

Color Scheme Tips

Color Scheme Tips Crystal Plaza

Having a color scheme catastrophe? Need advice picking an accent color? Look no further! Here at Crystal Plaza, we see dozens of color schemes every month. It can seem overwhelming, picking just a few colors and basing your entire event around them. We’re going to provide you with a few tips and tricks to make it a more relaxed task.

First, do your research. Do you want your bridesmaids/groomsmen in the same color as your accent color? Are there multiple shades of the same color available? Maybe you consider using two or three complimentary colors.

Second, utilize your surroundings. Is your ceremony or your cocktail hour going to be outside in the spring? Bring in some of the earthy tones, as well as a pink or purple for the flower. Is your event in the middle of the winter? Use some silvers, pewters and ice blues to create a dreamy winter effect indoors (without the cold.)

In addition, don’t overwhelm your space. Everyone loves a bright accent, but you don’t want to have too much color that the focus of the day isn’t on you, the bride and groom. While a beautiful jewel-tone turquoise or a vibrant orange are fun to play with, mixing the two will overpower your guest’s and your visual senses.

Finally, look into the Pantone Color Institute. Famous for their annual color prediction, Pantone is about more than just the on-trend color. They use colors to tell a story, a great tip for your wedding, or any other major event you’re planning. They even recently announced a new purple color, called Love Symbol #2, dedicated to the late pop icon, Prince.


And if you’re imagining a hue but can’t quite find it, Pantone has a “Find Your Color” tool that helps you put a name to the “face.”

If you use our tips and tricks, let us know how they worked out for you. And if you have any advice on picking color schemes, don’t be shy! Tell us what you think!