Band vs. DJ

Band vs. DJ

Band vs. DJ Crystal Plaza

When planning a wedding, there’s always the age old question, ”Do I get a band or a DJ?” The answer to the question has many factors. Things like budget, venue space, music for the ceremony and the energy you want for the day are all major points in deciding between the two forms of music.

Your budget is of high importance in this case, simply because a great band will be more expensive than a great DJ. A band has more equipment and more people to pay and will likely be there from the ceremony through reception. That equals more money spent. DJs can be less expensive because it’s one person, maybe two, and their equipment. A DJ may be less expensive but it does not mean you’re compromising quality. Because there’s less overhead in the DJ, the qualities should be comparable.

Another thing to consider is the type of music you want to play and the energy you want your big day to exude. If your musical taste is specific and you know a band will give you that style of music, that would be a great idea for you. If your music taste ranges from Bon Jovi to Tiesto with Luke Bryan thrown in the mix, a DJ might be a better bet for your day. While bands can play a variety of musical genres, there is still a limit at some point. The band, however, can bring a fun live energy, like being at a small concert.

Two other aspects that could influence your decision are space in the venue, and if you need music at more than one point in your day. If you need ceremonial music, and cocktail party music in addition to the reception, sometimes a band is easier to transport to different points of the venue. A DJ would need multiple set-ups to do what a band can do with a person and their instrument. If your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are in one spot, either the DJ or the band would work amazingly. The band will also take up more room in the venue itself. A DJ and the booth they work out of can fit in different shapes and spaces within a venue, convenient if you’re going to have a packed house.

Overall, the choice between band and DJ is a tough one. There are some logistical reasons to consider one over the other. Ultimately, it’s whatever will make you happy and make your big day even more special.

Picture by: Sean Gallery Photography