Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings Crystal Plaza

From big themes like the Roaring 20’s, Iconic Movies, and Sci-Fi, to specific requests like a Game of Thrones or Circus themed wedding; themed weddings are fun, unique, and modern.

Planning Gets Way Easier

Can’t decide between going with the Biedermeir bouquet or a hand-tied look? Well, what does your theme say? Decisions suddenly become a lot more clear when you have a mindset for the tone you want your wedding to convey. Not to say that the smaller details suddenly become easier to manage, but every detail becomes a lot more fun. Plus, your spouse, friend, or parent, is more likely to help in the planning process if you have a specific theme they can work from.

Can Be Costly

Having a theme does narrow down your decisions, but that also narrows down your options. Finding the perfect centerpiece that you created in your head can be costly and difficult to track down. Depending on your creative skill set and time restraints, DIY elements may need to be incorporated for you to create the theme wedding you have in your head.

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Create a Truly Memorable Experience

This is your chance to show off how creative you are! A themed wedding can be the ultimate expression of how unique you and your spouse’s love is. If you want your wedding to create a memorable experience amongst you and your guests, consider having a theme. Guests are more likely to remember your wedding if you ask them to attend wearing a costume, or have them go home with small statues or other knick knacks that goes with your theme.

Get Everyone Involved

Weddings, especially big ones, can feel cliquish. Break the ice by asking your guests to come to your wedding in costume, or by having wedding games or entertainment that go along with your theme. For example, if you have a circus themed wedding, having carnival games or some fun photo prop options gets all guests involved and mingling.


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Your theme doesn’t have to be big and showy, it can be as simple as having an all-pink wedding. Having a theme wedding doesn’t mean the exclusion of  traditions, either – mix it up! If you want to have a Renaissance wedding but still want to get married in a house of worship, add in Renaissance details to your dress or bouquet. Themed weddings can be as incorporated as you want them to be – as long as you get the wedding of your dreams.


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