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Pejy Kash Events


Pejy likes to say that he didn’t choose the event industry, it chose him. “Fifteen years ago, while working in high-end retail, i was offered a job working with one of the most prominent planners at that time. He saw something in me, and decided to take me under his wing, and show me the ropes.” Ten years ago Pejy Kash Events was born.

The way that we approach event planning and design is to start with a connection with the family with whom we are working. “I begin by finding out about them, so that i can make their experience as unique and as personal as possible. For me the process is not about the colors or the seasons, it’s about telling the clients’ story. The only way that you can make an event special, is if you make it personal.”

At Pejy Kash Events, we believe that the best part of event planning and design is becoming a part of the family. Whether it’s for 6 months or for years, it’s about those irreplaceable connections that truly carry the business. Our favorite part is knowing that we are now part of someone’s forever history.