Opening the black box on Wedding Websites – what info do you need to include?

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Opening the black box on Wedding Websites – what info do you need to include?

Opening the black box on Wedding Websites – what info do you need to include? 2048 1365 Crystal Plaza

For a while, many couples couldn’t decide if a wedding website was really necessary. They thought it was just additional work on top of what is an already very full to-do list… 


Mercifully this is no longer the case. In fact, it is now very much expected that guests will be able to visit the bride and groom’s website to get all the information they need for the big day. 


And the key to a top notch wedding website is simplicity. Because, at the end of the day, people are coming to your website primarily because they want information, for example: 

  • What time do they need to be where?
  • What should they be wearing?
  • What wedding presents do the couple want?


So you need to make it as easy as possible for your guests to quickly find the info they’re looking for.


Of course, there’s always room for a little panache (where did you meet? What good restaurants are in the area? Where can you get a good blowout? etc.) – but this info is secondary to the nuts-n-bolts of your wedding website.



Critical Information for your Wedding Website



Who’s getting married?

Fairly obvious. Make sure the bride uses her maiden name though to avoid confusion. 



Date and time of ceremony

You wouldn’t believe the number of times this info is missed out!



Wedding Venue(s)

You may be tying the knot at one location (e.g. a church, synagogue or court house) and then host the reception somewhere else. Just make it very clear where people need to be, and when. Google maps with helpful pins will be your best friend!



RSVP date

This means the date when you need your guests to let you know if they’re coming, or not. 


With so many different considerations with weddings – which flowers should you get? Do we need a vegan food option? Will you pick your brother or your oldest friend to be your Best Man (here are a couple of tips)? – you want to minimize as many variables as possible, so knowing your guest numbers nice and early will be incredibly helpful!



Dress code

Tell your guests what they should be wearing. There is no worse feeling than arriving at an event and being dressed in the wrong clothes – wearing black tie to a casual wedding is awful, but not as bad as wearing casual clothes to a black tie wedding!  


Also, be conscious of the environment – so if the ceremony is going to be held in a muddy field followed by dinner and dancing in a country club, then let people know that they might like to bring some sneakers so they don’t ruin their dress shoes. Or if you’re hosting an early spring wedding outside, then consider telling your guests they may wish to bring a coat, jacket or warm shawl. 


Make it easy and explicit, so everyone knows what to expect and is expected of them!



Nice to have information for your wedding website



Your Wedding Registry

Let’s face it, this is in your best interests! People are quite literally looking for ways to buy you gifts that you actually want. With a simple, intuitive registry page you can direct your friends and family to those delightful china plates, super-soft Egyptian towels or new golf clubs (wish we were joking) that you’ve earmarked for your new home together. 



How you met / About us

This is the moment to tell your love story! How you met, first impressions, favorite date spots – all the good stuff. Your second-cousin’s new wife whom you have not yet met would probably appreciate a little back-story before coming to celebrate your big day!



Local hotels / restaurants / activities / amenities 

Particularly helpful for the out-of-towners who may not know where they can get their spin-class followed by the best bagel in town. These guests have made an effort to come and celebrate your nuptials with you, so the least you can do is make sure they get the very most out of their trip!



Travel arrangements

If you’re arranging for a bus to pick guests up from their hotel to take them to the ceremony, then be sure to let them know that they need to meet in the hotel lobby at 4:30pm sharp!


Or, if people are coming on their own steam – then make sure they know where they can park their cars or the distance to the closest train or subway station. 


Also, let your guests know what happens at the end of the wedding. Obviously you’re going to be carted off to great fanfare in your vintage car or horse-drawn carriage; but spare a thought for your guests who might not realise that they’re expected to figure out an über. 



An Itinerary or Plan of Events

If your celebration is over a couple of days, then you should consider including a complete itinerary of what’s happening where and when, for example:


  • Rehearsal Dinner: Friday 19th May at 7:30pm.  Al Forno’s Pizzeria (123 Main St). Dress: Smart Casual
  • Ceremony: Saturday 20th May at 4:30pm. St. Cuthbert’s Church (17 Brown Tree Hill). Dress: Black Tie
  • Reception: Saturday 20th May at  7:00pm. The Crystal Plaza (305 W Northfield Rd, Livingston). Dress: Black Tie
  • Brunch: Sunday 21st May at 10:00am. Robbie’s Bagel Shop (222 Banoro Rd). Dress: Casual



Menu + Food + Bar

This is another opportunity to manage your guests’ expectations. Is it going to be a cash bar, or will the drinks be covered? Should the guests expect a full dinner, or will it just be light canapés? Guests will thank you if they know they should have a hearty lunch, or if you’re putting on a mega spread!



Bride + Groom Expectations

This is – after all – your big day, so don’t be afraid to draw some lines in the sand. You don’t want kids to attend? Just say it’s a children-free event, and here are the numbers of some local babysitters. You don’t want people on their phones? A respectful note that guests are to turn the phones off / on silent throughout the day is wholly acceptable. 


As with any other good website, the most important thing is to make it as easy and painless for visitors to get the information they need. There are many website design options – from square space and wix to dedicated sites like Wedsites. Don’t be afraid to add some personality and color to pages too – this can be a lot of fun!



Very important side note!

Wedding websites should not be used instead of invitations – which are still a massively important, and wonderfully charming component of weddings (in our expert opinion)! For help with your wedding invitations be sure to check out our blog post – Wedding Invitations: What information do you need to include?


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