Is a Wedding Rehearsal really necessary? If so, why?

Bride, groom, and family smile and pose for a photo.

Is a Wedding Rehearsal really necessary? If so, why?

Is a Wedding Rehearsal really necessary? If so, why? 2048 1341 Crystal Plaza

“Is a Wedding Rehearsal really necessary? If so, why?”

Let’s face it, there are a ton of things to think about in the lead-up to your wedding. 

Are the out-of-town guests okay? Do you have everything you need for the wedding party favors? The final payments need to be made to the band, who is handling this? Which swimwear are you taking on your honeymoon? Your cousin Harold can’t now make it, so the seating plan on his table will need to be rearranged – who gets to sit next to Aunt Mildred?

There will be a lot of last-minute things to do. Can you really spare time out of your last day before the wedding to rehearse?

What even is a wedding rehearsal, anyway?

ANSWER: A wedding rehearsal is a dry run-through of the ceremony, usually conducted the day before the big day. It’s an opportunity to go through the order of events and make sure everyone in the wedding party knows what they’re supposed to be doing at crucial moments of the ceremony. 


Everyone who has a part to play in the ceremony, or is in the wedding party. This includes anyone who has been asked to perform a reading, play some music, or throw flower petals down the aisle in advance of the bride. You might also consider including your pet too, if they’re a part of the ceremony (check out our Top Tips for Incorporating a Pet into your Wedding Day to learn more).


In coordination with your wedding planner / coordinator or venue manager, you will be able to review the timings of the day, e.g.:

At 2:15 pm the groom and his groomsmen will leave The Vault (the Crystal Plaza’s storied pre-event space, where the guys can shoot some pool, hit some golf balls on the simulator, or just relax with a soothing cocktail), changed and ready. 

They will walk upstairs to The Atrium, where they will stand to one side of the altar underneath the magnificent fifty foot skylight and chandeliers.

The wedding planner will meet them there with their boutonnières (carefully selected, having read our article on How to Maximize your Wedding Flowers). Mark you will stand here, Sam stands here, Luigi you’re here. Put your hands together in front of you, fingers clasped, etc. 

You get the picture.

It’s during this time that the bride might say “please can we move that floral arrangement a couple of feet to the right, it’s currently blocking my view of where my grandmother will be sitting”.

This is also the opportunity for the bridal party to practice their walk down the aisle – perhaps the most critical moment of the wedding day, because it signals to the guests that the wedding ceremony has officially begun. And, of course, we want to make sure to properly coordinate that wonderful “ooooo” moment when the bride takes her first steps down the aisle, and everyone sees her for the first time, looking resplendent and gorgeous. 


About 30-45 mins, depending on how long the ceremony is going to be. This is about making sure everyone knows where they’re meant to be, when and how. So it really takes as long as is needed!


This comes down to personal preference, and people should take their cues from the bride and groom. If it’s a very formal wedding, the men might throw on a jacket and tie and the ladies a pretty frock; but if it’s a more casual affair then it could be as relaxed as shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. If in doubt, just ask the happy couple. 

So are Wedding Rehearsals necessary?

Unless it is a very small or incredibly informal wedding, then we would say yes – you absolutely need a wedding rehearsal. 

At the end of the day, the fact that there is a lot to do at weddings makes it EVEN MORE important that you have a rehearsal. This is when the kinks get ironed out, so that the ceremony is remembered for all the right reasons. It’s all about ensuring your wedding runs as smoothly as possible, maximizing the fun you and your guests will have on this spectacular day.

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