Check out our Must See Floral Trends of 2020!

Check out our Must See Floral Trends of 2020!

Check out our Must See Floral Trends of 2020! Crystal Plaza

2020 Floral Trends

 Flowers are essential for any wedding. The dress, food, and guests are all very important, but flowers help to brighten up a room or pull together a look. They’re a staple, be it in bouquets or as centerpieces, but the most popular style, type, and color tends to differ from year to year (and person to person).

With the help of John Kiesecker, designer and manager of Dalsimer Spitz & Peck, we’ve come up with a list of what we think will be the most in-demand floral moments of the year. Pampas grass and dried flowers might’ve been big in 2019, but there are a new crop of trends blossoming for 2020. Check them out ahead.

Bigger, Bolder Bouquets

Simple and minimal bouquets are classics for a reason, but Kiesecker has seen brides pivot to a look that’s a bit more showy. “Cascading bouquets, which were popular years ago, have made a big comeback in the last year or two,” he says. He notes that a big reason is due to the style of dress brides seem to be gravitating toward. “A lot of girls now will go with form fitting, simple, satin-y dresses where a cascading bouquet looks gorgeous,” he says. “If you do want a more detailed, lace or something that has patterns, usually you’ll go more toward hand tied bouquet just because you don’t want to hide all of the detail.” 

(Photo: MyWeddingWay Studio)

Monochromatic Flowers

Instead of going the multicolored floral route, Kiesecker predicts that monochromatic arrangements will instead be the go-to. One way to pull off this look is having each bridesmaid carry a separate shade of one flower type. “In other words, one is carrying a light pink rose, one’s carrying a mid-pink rose, one bridesmaid’s carrying a hot pink rose,” he explains, which will give off an Ombre effect. Another option is having varied flowers all in one shade. As Kiesecker points out, this particular trend “is an acquired taste,” but can end up being truly stunning.

(Photo: Katie Osgood Photography)

Going Green

If you prefer a mix of color in your arrangements, you’re in luck. Kiesecker notes that another vibe that’s really popular right now is white flowers, pops of color, and lots of greenery, such as eucalyptus, ferns, and myrtle. It’s a nice alternative for someone not interested in lots of girly florals. For a more subtle look, the washed-out appearance of bleached greenery is another option.

(Photo: Katie Osgood Photography)

Lots of Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers for a reason, and Kiesecker says you’re going to be seeing a lot more of the trumpet-shaped beauty this year. “They’re beautiful for center pieces and bouquets,” he says, and come in a range of colors, from ivory and pink to orange and dark purple. (Cover Photo by Drew Noel Photography)

Sustainability Efforts

More and more people are looking to cut back on their carbon footprint, and brides are no exception. As we’ve outlined before, most wedding flowers are used for a couple of hours and thrown away after a day. Kiesecker says that he’s had a couple of brides arrange with a company to pick up arrangements after the wedding to reuse them. Others have been taking similar eco-conscious steps, like repurposing bouquets into centerpieces or using seasonal and locally sourced flowers to give their big day an environmentally-friendly spin.

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(Photo: Anthony Vazquez Photography)