Brides in Black? Faux Pas or Fall Look?

Brides in Black? Faux Pas or Fall Look?

Brides in Black? Faux Pas or Fall Look? Crystal Plaza

There is no question that white has been the popular choice for wedding dresses since the Victorian era. Classic, pure and elegant, white is traditional, and the most sought out color for brides to be. But, for those willing to abandon tradition in the pursuit of something unique and edgy, black may be a great alternative. Often associated with decadence and elegance, black is a unique option for today’s fashion forward brides.

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Centuries ago, women across different regions and cultures wore black wedding dresses. In fact, in Spanish cultures, Roman Catholic brides wore black to symbolize their devotion to marriage and to honor ‘til death do us part’.

When Queen Victoria of the UK married Prince Albert in 1840, she chose to wear white, which was considered an unusual choice for that time. To that end, she has been credited with starting the tradition of white weddings and bridal gowns. Soon after that, the elite starting wearing white and after WWII, the middle class followed suit.

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Fall trend of faux pas? Are black wedding dresses becoming more and more popular?

For those who think a black dress is too daring, embracing both shades (black and white) might be the route to take. By mixing the two, you can showcase a unique twist while still maintaining a sense of tradition.

Black, white or both? Brides today have endless options and the ability to mesh creativity with tradition.