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Drew Noel Photography


Hey! I’m Drew!

Born and raised in Columbus, New Jersey, I was first shown photography by my dad at the age of 9. Soon after I was in love and had purchased an old 35mm Minolta with a 50mm prime which I used when I joined a 4-H photography group. This is where I learned the basics of exposure, compostion, and balance. While shooting with both film and early digital, I constantly reopened my eyes to new and different styles of capturing objects. My passion led me into the design field where I received a degree in the digital arts. I soon realized that I could turn this passion for photography into a career and started investing in new gear. It was then I was introduced to Jeff Tisman, a well known wedding photographer, and the career took off. Assisting for him as I built up my stash of equipment I learned the ins and outs, new techniques of capturing moments and the subtleties of lighting. I was able to experiment with his gear to create a new and unique way of lighting the wedding scene. This original light scheme has become sort of my trademark and I can’t wait to see how far I can push it. I push to take the cheesy out of weddings and create a unique and exciting experience every time.

My main goal is to have fun while shooting creating a personality that is lacking in many shoots. This is especially evident in the wedding field. Too many people today stick to the classic ways of shooting and don’t focus enough on the passion behind the photo. I strive for odd angles and diverse lighting. You will very rarely find my camera stacked with a flash on top of it. There are too many photographers out there that stick their camera on automatic and shoot all day relying on their photoshop skills to save them in the end. My goal is to not have to touch a single photo in photoshop and because of this the product that you receive is more art than anything else. I shoot photographs, not pictures.