Awesome gifts for the Groom to give his Bride on their Wedding Day

Awesome gifts for the Groom to give his Bride on their Wedding Day

Awesome gifts for the Groom to give his Bride on their Wedding Day Crystal Plaza

With your wedding day fast approaching, you are no doubt neck-deep in an enormous list of “to-dos” – from writing your groom’s speech to getting your wedding day suit fitted (if you’re uhming and ahing about what to wear, check out our Ultimate Groom Fashion Guide for some helpful tips). 


We hate to add to your list, but you also need to remember that the bride and groom buy each other gifts for their wedding day too… 


This gift is on top of the keepsake love letter you are going to pen your blushing bride, to be opened the morning of the big day. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive (although it can be!), but it should be thoughtful.


To help with this additional task, we have compiled a list of our favorite wedding day gifts for a groom to give his beautiful bride…

10 amazing gifts for the groom to give the bride on their wedding day

Framed wedding invitation hanging on a wall

A framed invitation from your wedding is the perfect reminder of your magical day together (found at Framebridge.com)

1. Framed wedding invitation

Weddings take a lot of thought: the colors of the bridesmaids’ flowers, the order of the playlist, the perfect signature cocktail, etc. Even the most minor details are thoroughly strategized, including, of course, your wedding invitation. From the choice of font (serif? sans serif?), to the color of the invitation (white? ivory? multi-color?) – every element has been pondered over and decided upon. 


So many choices, so many decisions!


Your wedding invite is the perfect representation of ALL the time and effort you have both put into preparing for this spectacular occasion! So what better way to celebrate your coming together, than by giving your wife something that shows off what a great team you make…


You could frame the invitation on its own, or you could include the RSVP card, invite to the rehearsal dinner, etc. Another fun idea is to flip the wedding envelope and set the wedding invite up so it looks like it is coming out of the freshly opened envelope.


Either way, a great look is to “float mount” the invitation, so that it is lifted above the background mat – giving the picture a little (but not too much!) drama. 


This is most certainly a gift your bride will love looking at in the years to come, as it hangs pride-of-place in your new home. 


Relaxation stones piled on top of one another

Give your fiancée a wonderfully relaxing spa experience, a sure-fire success!

2. A Spa treatment

Let’s face it, planning weddings can be a little stressful. So why don’t you arrange for your soon-to-be wife to have a luxurious and relaxing massage / treatment to ease those troubles away? 


You could arrange for it to take place during your honeymoon (perhaps even treat yourself at the same time?!). Or, you might buy a voucher from a great masseur / spa somewhere closer to home. That way she can get some pampering in a month or so after you return, once you’re into the swing of being Mr. and Mrs. together. 

Beautiful jewelry on display at The Crystal Plaza wedding venue

A beautiful addition to her jewelry collection could be a very popular wedding gift.


3. Jewelry (can she really ever have enough?!)

You really cannot go wrong with jewelry. Probably best not to opt for a ring, for obvious reasons. But this gives you plenty of other options: a beautiful bracelet, a gorgeous necklace or an elegant pair of earrings.


If you’re thinking your fiancée might wear the jewelry on the big day then be sure to check with the Maid-of-Honor or your future mother-in-law what would be appropriate. You don’t want to buy her a necklace if she’s already planning to wear the one that her great-grandmother Bess gave her. 


Or she might have decided on a more modern cut of wedding dress (not that you’d know), so vintage-styled earrings would probably look wrong in the ensemble. 


A scrapbook from a long-distance relationship

A scrapbook of your most memorable moments together could be a winning wedding day gift for the bride.

4. A wedding scrapbook

This will be an investment in time, not money. By creating a beautiful scrapbook of all your shared memories, you will thrill your bride on the morning of your wedding. Things you might include: movie stubs, flyers from hotels you’ve stayed at, festival wristbands, bar menus, maps of places you visited together, photos of you both with friends and family, airplane tickets, etc.


It might take a little digging, but the delight on your wife’s face at such a thoughtful gift will make it well worth it. 


A perfume bottle to be given as a wedding day gift

If you’re feeling creative, how about making a personalized perfume for your fiancée?

 5. Create a signature perfume just for the bride

Not for the faint of heart, this is certainly one of the more creative options you might choose. Companies like Tailor Made Fragrance and WAFT allow you to develop one-of-a-kind scents that you can give to your wife in a bottle with a personalized wedding label. 


Definitely do a little research before you start picking the smells you want to include – both what your fiancée likes and what aromas work well together. 


Approach it like you would your spice rack: while smoked paprika + garlic powder work well together in many dishes, nutmeg + oregano are not good bedfellows at all. If in doubt, take a look at what scents have been proven successes. Then build from there!


A glass jar filled with paint brushes

Why not give your future-wife a beautiful piece of art?

 6. Give your fiancée a piece of art

From prints & photographs to watercolors & oil paintings, there are so many options for incredible art you might give your future-wife. As with anything, choosing what to get comes down to budget and taste.  Architectural Digest has drawn up an excellent list of sites where you can find some terrific wedding day art without destroying your bank account, with some pieces selling for as little as $20!


A black and white cashmere throw blanket

How about a snuggly blanket or sweater for when your wife wants to feel warm and cozy (this blanket was found at Slate + Salt)

7. A cuddly item of clothing

How lovely it would be for your future-wife to use your wedding day gift every time she wants to feel safe, warm and cuddly – all the emotions she should feel around you. A timeless cashmere sweater or a gorgeous throw could be just the ticket. 


Added bonus, hopefully this will stop your fiancée from raiding your wardrobe for hoodies or sweaters whenever the temperature dips! 


A monogrammed weekender bag

Make travel even more special by giving your wife monogrammed luggage (this bag was found at Cotton Sisters)

8. Personalized luggage

This is a wedding gift that she’ll really appreciate. Whether it’s a hard case rolling suitcase or a good-looking weekend bag, your present will become synonymous with fun trips away – beginning, of course, with your honeymoon. 


And you can add a whole heap of elegance and charm to an otherwise regular bag with a simple, well-placed monogram (remember to use her new initials, if she’s changing her name). 


Bonus: monogrammed bags are super useful when trying to identify which bag is yours as the airport carousel!

A beach bunny swimsuit

If you’re going somewhere hot for your honeymoon, she might appreciate a new glam swimsuit! (this swimsuit was found at (beachbunnyswimwear)




9. A heavenly Swimsuit

f you’re heading somewhere hot for your honeymoon, why not surprise her with a new swimming costume? Admittedly, you’re going to have to be brave on this one; but if you get it right then your wife will be over the moon.


As with the jewelry, you can always ask for a second opinion from her mother / sister / best friend, etc. to make sure she’s going to like it. 


A beautiful pink silk robe from La Perla

Your wife may love some beautiful lingerie or a gorgeous silk robe (this robe is made by La Perla)

10. Something a little more intimate

If you’re feeling more risqué, you might decide to buy your wife some bedroom attire – from intimate lingerie to a beautiful robe or high-quality pajamas. There are a ton of options. 


Remember though, this is a wedding present – so make sure that whatever you choose is reflective of your love. In other words, opt for the gorgeous silk pajamas over the flammable flannel ones!


And if you decide on a robe, you can always take it up a couple of notches by having it monogrammed with her initials, which she’ll no doubt love.


Hopefully you are able to glean a couple of ideas from this post. Remember, if you want your wife to use your gift on the day of the wedding (say if you chose to give her a piece of jewelry or a custom fragrance), then make sure she gets it early enough in the day that she can incorporate it. This might take a little coordination with the Maid of Honor or one of the bridesmaids.


Whatever you choose, you will no doubt make the best day of her life even better!


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