10 Amazing Gifts the Bride Can Give the Groom on their Wedding Day

10 Amazing Gifts the Bride Can Give the Groom on their Wedding Day

10 Amazing Gifts the Bride Can Give the Groom on their Wedding Day Crystal Plaza

Hopefully you are making good progress with your wedding planning. Maybe you’re even finding it fun, as you build a day focused on you and your lucky groom?!


Either way, you have probably made it a habit to periodically scroll through your wedding check-list to make sure it’s all coming together nicely…



 venue booked / wedding dress fitted / flowers chosen, etc.



confirm photographer / decide between merlot or pinot noir / finish writing vows, etc.



playlist for DJ / book honeymoon / marriage license, etc.



groom’s gift…


The groom’s gift – no longer an impossible task

If buying gifts for men can be a nightmare, getting them a wedding present is even worse. Not only do you have to research and buy something they’d really want; but you also need to make it extra, super-special, as befits this incredible day you are celebrating together. 


As opposed to just listing out a dozen different things the groom could want (a new beard trimmer? Oh my!), we are only sharing wedding-appropriate gifts that will constantly remind your man of you, your wedding day and the love you have for one another…

Chef knife engraved with wedding initials and date lying next to cut up vegetables and fruits

An engraved chef knife is the perfect wedding gift for a groom that loves to be in the kitchen.

1. The Master Chef 

If your future-husband is a dab-hand in the kitchen, you might consider getting him a chef knife engraved with your wedding date + initials. It’s something practical he’ll really appreciate, and hopefully will make sure he keeps serving you up delicious meals throughout your marriage!

Pair of cufflinks with the bride and groom’s initials

What about a set of personalized marriage cufflinks that the groom can wear on his wedding day, and beyond!

2. The Dapper Gent

Some men like to wear the more traditional double or French cuff button-down shirts when dressing up for formal occasions. With no buttons on their sleeves, these shirts use cufflinks to hold the shirt cuffs together. A personalized set of cufflinks can make a really thoughtful gift for a style-conscious groom. And if he’s wearing a double-cuff shirt to the wedding (which can look very refined) then you should give him his gift ahead of time so he can use them on the big day!

Leather wallet with bride + groom’s initials

A new wallet could be just what your husband-to-be needs, even if he doesn’t know it…

3. Almost Every Man…

Many men need a new wallet, even if they won’t admit it. Buying your groom an upgrade on his existing one could be a first-class idea, especially if you can arrange for it to be discreetly monogrammed with your initials or wedding date. 

TOP TIP: Have a look at his existing wallet and buy something similar. If he’s a pack-rat whose wallet is fat with library cards, Starbucks vouchers and ancient receipts, then don’t give him a slim-jim with space for one credit card and a driving license. Many men are creatures of habit and generally like change to be gradual!

Golf tee with bride and groom’s names and wedding date

The groom can think about his amazing wedding day even as he hits the golf course…!

4. The (wannabe) Golf Pro

If golf is his thing, then he might appreciate a personalized divot tool and tees. Although you may not be on the course, it’s a fun reminder for him when he’s out with the boys. And you never know, it could even help him with his game!

Personalized PlayStation controller with bride and groom skin

Give your groom something that reminds him of you, even as he scores winning touchdowns and slays evil monsters.

5. The Gamer

It could be that your man prefers to play his sports on a screen at home, in which case you could get him a customized controller for his Xbox or PlayStation. There is a lot of creative scope with what you can do: from a subtle mm/dd/yyyy on one side to a photo of you (and him, if you like!) splashed across the entire device. 

Fishing lure with a personal message from the bride to the groom

No matter what size fish your husband lands, make sure he remembers his best catch (you)!

6. The Fisherman

What better way for your future-husband to remember his greatest catch than with a personalized lure? You could opt for a personal note, as Jess did (pictured); or just your wedding date. Either way, it’s a fun and cool gift he’s bound to love as he reels in his fish. 

Liquor decanter with bride and groom’s names etched into them

Etch both your names into a liquor decanter for a beautiful gift the groom will want to show off.

7. The Liquor Connoisseur

If your groom likes a glass of something special now and again, then this could be the ultimate gift. Unlike a hip flask, which may get an outing once in a blue moon, a beautiful personalized decanter can sit out pride of place  – as much a decoration in your new home as it is a meaningful keepsake…

Washbag with groom and bride’s initials with wedding date embroidered into corner

Your groom will take the memory of his fantastic wedding with him as he travels.

8. The Traveler

Perhaps you and your soon-to-be-husband plan to be global travelers once you’re married, exploring all four corners of the world together. Or maybe your groom works in sales and has to travel a lot for work. Either way, he will appreciate a wash bag to keep his toiletries in order as he hits the road. As ever, a little personalization takes the wedding gift from great to awesome!

Maps of the locations of the married couple’s first date, engagement day and wedding day

A bespoke picture where you and the groom first dated, got engaged and ultimately married is an amazing gift for your groom.

9. The Decorator

This 3 hearts map is a beautiful and original way to track important milestones in your relationship to date. Totally personalized, it is something that he will cherish forever. See Love to Artto learn more.

A McLaren 570S driving round a course

If you opt for an experience as your groom’s gift, make sure it’s one you both do together!

10. An Experience…

This could be anything from a private glass blowing lesson to driving a McLaren 570S round a race track, the options are endless. However, one important thing you have to remember is that the experience should be an activity you can do TOGETHER. This is going to be a shared memory that you both enjoy looking back on.


At the end of the day you should remember two important things when considering the wedding present you might buy your groom:


  1. Will he like it? 

While you may be able to find a humidor made of premium Spanish Cedar with a delightful Cherry Wood inlay – if he doesn’t smoke cigars then it quickly becomes a very expensive paperweight. 


However, if you’re able to give him something that aligns with his interests and personality, then it will also become a reflection on how well you know him – a great harbinger for the future.


  1. Can you personalize it?

This is not mandatory, of course. But in many instances this will take your wedding gift from being like any other birthday / Christmas / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah, etc. present to being specific to your wedding day. This rules out many things – e.g. autographed sports memorabilia, shower gels, and a new pair of binoculars – because they’re not something you can (or should) personalize. 

Don’t think of your groom gift as another task to check off your wedding to-do list; instead consider it a fun way to show your man how well you know him, and how much you are looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together. 


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