How to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

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How to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

How to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding 1600 900 Crystal Plaza

5 Ways to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a sight to behold, with their clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and vibrant blooms that add a touch of romance and elegance to the celebration. And there is no better place to get married during this season than at Crystal Plaza. Our immaculate gardens offer the perfect location to host your wedding ceremony and take stunning photos with your bridal party, friends, and family. Yet, with all that sunshine comes heat, which can cause some guests to feel very warm. To help them stay cool and comfortable throughout the event, here are five ways to ensure they feel refreshed.

1. Create Shaded Areas

Providing plenty of shade is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep guests cool during your summer wedding ceremony. This can be achieved with umbrellas, tents, and using trees as a natural canopy. At Crystal Plaza, our team can work with you to help you create shaded areas throughout our garden that offer guests the opportunity to relax and fully enjoy your special day.

2. Have a Hydration Station

To make sure your guests are feeling their best before your ceremony even begins, it’s crucial to prioritize their hydration. At Crystal Plaza, we offer a complimentary hydration station for all outdoor ceremonies. This station includes refreshing cold towels and ice-cold water bottles to help your guests beat the heat and stay cool throughout the ceremony. By taking care of your guests in this thoughtful way, you can set the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration.

3. Hand Out Fans

Another great way to keep guests cool during the ceremony is to hand out personalized fans. Consider incorporating your wedding theme, color scheme, or program into the fan design to make them a memorable part of your wedding decor. They also serve as a fun and festive favor for guests to take home.

4. Serve Refreshing Beverages

Make sure to keep your guests hydrated with refreshing beverages. Before and after the ceremony, serve plenty of water, lemonade, iced tea, and other cold drinks to keep guests cool and refreshed. You can also offer cocktails and mocktails that are light and refreshing, perfect for a summer wedding.

5. Offer Chilled Apps

Once the ceremony ends, it’s a great idea to serve chilled appetizers to keep guests cool and satisfied. Opt for light and refreshing appetizers like fruit skewers, shrimp cocktail, cold soups, ceviche, or sushi. Chilled appetizers are not only delicious but also provide a nice break from the heat.

Celebrate Your Summer Wedding at Crystal Plaza

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