Choosing a Wedding Menu That Your Guest’s Will Love

Assortment of fresh hors d'oeuvres for cocktail hour, from fruit cups to tomato and mozzarella spears.

Choosing a Wedding Menu That Your Guest’s Will Love

Choosing a Wedding Menu That Your Guest’s Will Love 1600 900 Crystal Plaza

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Menu

When planning a wedding menu, it’s essential to make sure your guests will love the food and leave the event feeling satisfied. From cocktail hour and the reception, all the way to the after party, crafting a delicious menu takes careful thought and consideration. Here are six tips to consider when choosing the perfect wedding menu for your special day.

1. Set the Mood with a Serving Style

1. Set the Mood with a Serving Style

Think about how you want your guests to interact with the food. Do you want fun, interactive passed bites during cocktail hour instead of stations? Will guests be able to pre-select their entrée choice when they submit their RSVP or select it during the reception? This choice can set the tone for the meal and ensure everyone is comfortable during cocktail hour and the sit-down dinner.

2. Incorporate Seasonal Options

Incorporate Seasonal Options

Consider using fresh, seasonal ingredients for your menu. From fresh berries in the summer to root vegetables like pumpkin and squash in the fall, these in-season options give your dishes that extra special touch you’re looking for.

3. Consider the Timing

Consider the Timing

Make sure you serve enough filling food at the right times throughout your event. Offer light snacks during cocktail hour and a few heavier items for dinner. Also, consider providing late-night snacks at the after party, such as mini desserts or sliders.

4. Include Your Favorite Dishes

Include Your Favorite Dishes

A great way to personalize your wedding is to add some of your favorite dishes to the menu. Whether it’s a treasured family dish or your go-to date night snack, including a few of your favorite dishes will make the day even more special.

5. Always Offer Options for Guests

Always Offer Options for Guests

Make sure your menu has something for everyone. Include different types of cuisine, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as dishes that are gluten-free or dairy-free to accommodate dietary restrictions.

6. Ask Your Caterer for Advice

6. Ask Your Caterer For Advice

Don’t forget to ask your caterer for their advice when creating your menu. They can make sure that all your bases are covered and provide helpful suggestions. At Crystal Plaza, we can customize stations and include liquor pairing options for a memorable experience.

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