Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Colors into Your Big Day

Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Colors into Your Big Day

Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Colors into Your Big Day Crystal Plaza

Making your wedding reflect who you are is important. One way to add your own personal flair to your special day is through your wedding colors. The most common ways to incorporate your wedding colors into your big day are with the Bridesmaid dresses, napkins, or flowers. Be creative when thinking of ways to play up your theme or style. Incorporating new ways to showcase your color palette adds an extra element of uniqueness that can really set your wedding apart.

Add a fun and new twist to incorporating your colors by:


Playing up the Groom’s Tuxedo

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Add a pop of color to your ceremony with the groom’s tux. This adds a fun element to the ceremony. If this is too bold of a statement, try using your wedding color as the ties and or bowties for the wedding. This is more subtle but will add a fun take on the traditional black suit and tie



Creating a Colorful Wedding Cake

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Rather than stick with the traditional white wedding cake, add your own personal touch to the dessert table with a colorful cake. White decals can be used to maintain some tradition. If a bold colored cake may be too much of a shock, try a white cake with your wedding color on the inside.



Lighting can be the perfect backdrop for your reception. Use your colors to create an ambiance that ties into your theme. With Crystal Plaza’s LED light changing capabilities – that pop of color is perfect for dancing!  


Signature cocktails

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Reinforce your theme and color palette with the use of a signature drink. If your color is hard to achieve with simply liquids alone, use garnishes or themed decor to achieve the color that you want. Work with your venue to create a drink that suits your tastes and the desired look you want. Crystal Plaza’s excellent mixologists make sure your signature drink not only looks good and tastes amazing, but makes it as unique as you are. Your guests will love this personalized take on your color.


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