Touring a Wedding Venue? (9 Questions to Ask)

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Touring a Wedding Venue? (9 Questions to Ask)

Touring a Wedding Venue? (9 Questions to Ask) 1600 900 Crystal Plaza

9 Questions to Ask When Touring a Wedding Venue

Ready to start touring wedding venues but need help deciding what questions to ask when you’re there? Crystal Plaza has you covered. We’ve asked some of our favorite wedding planners to provide their advice on the best questions to ask the venue.

ILE Events’ Top 3 Questions to Ask

When considering what wedding venue is best for your special day, Founder and Lead Planner of ILE Events Alicia Mae tells her clients to always ask these three questions:

1. Does the Venue Offer Wedding Prep Areas?

When considering a wedding venue, most couples mainly focus on the main wedding day areas: ceremony, cocktail, and reception. However, we suggest couples also focus on prep areas. For example, hotel suites are often a common prep area where couples consider getting ready. However, these prep areas usually have low lighting, not enough space for hair and makeup, and can only comfortably fit a limited amount of people at one time.

When touring wedding venues, it’s essential to inquire about their bridal or groom prep locations for the wedding party. The ease of being in the same space where your wedding will be held lessens the stress of travel time, plus the extra space, natural lighting, and dedicated beauty salon styled-rooms are an added plus to a wedding venue you are considering.

2. What is the Rain Plan?

Before you fall in love with your dream venue and wedding day plan, it’s essential to make sure the venue can accommodate your special day and make it magical, even if it rains. Ask your tour guide:

  • What would be the plan for the ceremony location?
  • Where would guests transition to cocktail hour?
  • Where would the reception be if it rains?

This will help you prepare for an unexpected rainy day and be satisfied with your options when the rain plan is executed. It’s important to discuss with the venue what locations are available and see if any indoor rooms have a view of their garden, like Crystal Plaza does, so you and your design team have an easy transition.

3. Is There a Wedding Per Day Ratio?

When it comes to discussing your wedding day with the venue, always ask them how many weddings per day they hold. Some venues will hold two weddings per day, starting at stagnant times. Ideally, when searching for a wedding venue, you want a location that only hosts ONE wedding per day.

Overall, asking this question helps the wedding day flow for yourself and your vendor team. You will be able to arrive early, relax, have your beauty team onsite, and give your design team plenty of time to set up your spaces.

9 Questions to Ask When Touring a Wedding Venue

Reveled Events & Design’s Top 6 Questions to Ask

When touring a wedding venue, Founder and Lead Planner of Reveled Events & Design Yasemin Hakimi believes clients should always ask the following questions to ensure the venue can accommodate their specific vision in mind:

  1. Can the venue accommodate the layout and table sizes you need?
  2. What are the hidden fees? Are there additional per person fees such as maître d’, bridal attendants, or valet team?
  3. What is included in your price per person fee? Does it include things like linens, napkins, chargers, and wedding cake slices?
  4. Is it important to use only house vendors?
  5. Will a tasting be included?
  6. How many hours can you have the bridal suite for, and what is included with it?

Tie the Knot at Crystal Plaza

Tie the Knot at Crystal Plaza

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