Old Dresses Revamped

Old Dresses Revamped

Old Dresses Revamped Crystal Plaza

Every bride deserves to wear their dream dress on their wedding day. Going dress shopping with your bridal party and your mom is a fun outing and a great way to bond. But what if your mom, being the thoughtful woman she is, saved her wedding dress in hopes that you’d wear it on your big day too? It’s a touching gesture and you’d love to see the smile on her face, but her dress doesn’t fit (or it’s not in style, or it got damaged while in the attic)! Today, we’re going to give you some ideas how to utilize mom’s dress in other ways.

If the dress just isn’t in style, or isn’t YOUR style, talk to a designer and seamstress. Often, they can take key elements and modernize the dress. This idea also works if the dress is too big or small; designers can add and take away fabric that matches the dress to create the perfect one for you.

Did you find your perfect dress but still want to use mom’s?

Try repurposing it into a bouquet wrap. Use strips of the fabric and wrap it around the flower stems. You and your bridesmaids can all carry this picture-perfect bit of history and tradition with you.

You could also utilize the dress in a ring pillow or a flower girl dress. This is a particularly sweet idea if your ring bearer and/or flower girl are related to the mother of the bride.

If you want to be the only one representing mom on your big day, repurpose the fabric or the beads into a clutch, headband or garter.

If you know you want to save your bouquet but don’t want to go through the process of drying out your flowers, take mom’s dress and make fabric flowers. You could make an entire bouquet or just make a few to incorporate with your real flowers.

It’s always important to enjoy your day and love everything about it. If these ideas aren’t your speed, check out our Pinterest. We have inspiration for everything from repurposing mom’s old dress, to unique guestbooks.

Photo Credit: Valerie Maxx Photography and Paul Francis Photography