Crystal Plaza Renovations

Crystal Plaza Renovations

Crystal Plaza Renovations Crystal Plaza

While holding true to the American Renaissance style that architect Stanford White had originally built – the secret is out that renovations have been made to the historic, 19th century mansion-turned-event venue Crystal Plaza. While some changes, a new coat of paint or new rugs, might pale in comparison to the larger changes, as is our motto, it’s all in the details.



Upon entering, you are instantly awed by the grandeur and opulence of the chandelier and how its glow plays off the gold of the ceiling trim. The furniture, 19th century inspired, holds an intimate, welcoming presence; beckoning you inside.

Enter the foyer. The newly repainted starch-white walls seem like soft, warm crème in the glow of the lamps and light fixtures that sprinkle throughout the hall.

Keeping the spirit of art-deco alive in these modern accent tables, couch, and light fixtures, no detailed is spared in finding the exact rug that ties in the colors and style of the room while maintaining elegance.

The fluted Roman-Corinthian capital columns have been re-touched to add some highlights of silver to what was previously the all-gold capital. This allows for more depth, and therefore, a natural highlight for the intricate capital details that have been preserved from the original mansion.




Turn to the left and you reach the main artery of Crystal Plaza. Reception will be to your left. The Cocktail Lounge is to your right, past that is the Ballroom, and upstairs awaits the Bridal Suite.


The wrought-iron stair railing, in likeness to the column capital’s gold and silver accents have been meticulously painted to match. The black runner rug containing a minimalistic tiled white pattern, counters the details in the railing. Complimenting it, instead of overshadowing.


Cocktail Lounge

Perhaps the largest, and most obvious renovation to take place is in the Cocktail Lounge.

Everything, from the newly installed wide single tier ring chandeliers, to the modern style wood columns, to the smallest bar decals and jeweled fireplace has been refurbished and revamped.

The chestnut bar, a statement piece to the room, can now be seen with silver floral adornments to give it extra charm.

New furniture sets in both the Cocktail Room and the Garden Entranceway speak to a quiet elegance. The simple 19th century Georgian spindle-back chairs and marble tabletops set a standard of class that elevates the boldness of each room.


Garden Entranceway

Speaking of the Garden Entranceway, strings of accent lights as well as seafoam green paint job have appeared with the renovations. Pair these new additions with the row of bay windows to give this room so much natural light – giving the Entranceway a more outdoorsy feel, creating a natural flow between the Gardens and Mansion.



Our most well known room, the Ballroom has had some work done. A fresh coat of paint ensures the gold trim molding stands out with every flourish and onlay. The same silver accent is also applied here, to the gold molding, as well as new accent lights to add as statement pieces to the walls.

The new tables and chairs, similar to the ones in the Garden Entranceway and Cocktail Room, let the centerpiece speak for itself while supporting the gold trim adorning the room.

Whatever façade changes, will still provide its second-to-none white glove service. Be prepared to fall in love with Crystal Plaza.

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All photos courtesy of Drew Noel Photography. Décor by Dalsimer Spitz and Peck Floral and Event Decorators.