Creating Your Wedding Menu

Creating Your Wedding Menu

Creating Your Wedding Menu Crystal Plaza

Food is one of the key elements in planning a wedding. You want something that looks amazing, is well prepared, and most importantly tastes delicious. Creating an ensemble of courses that follow a similar theme while making sure each dish explores its creative boundaries is tough – but can be done!


First thing to consider is dietary restrictions or preferences

Luckily at Crystal Plaza we have Kosher and Glatt Kosher specialties on premises. Our Kitchen is Rabbi Supervised and has an extensive and diverse menu. This allows us to cater to your wants while accommodating your needs.


Select something that you know you want for sure and work around that.

If you love sushi and know this is a must for your wedding, plan your other dishes around it or make this dish the focal point of your reception. This is a smart tactic in planning your menu as it will help narrow down your options and allow your venue to plan extra items as necessary.


Photo by: Andy Foster Photo


Sample menu based off of Sushi:

Small Bites: Spicy Tuna Spring Roll,

Taste Tables: Sushi x Sake

Reception Appetizer: Duck Spring Roll Salad

Reception Main Course: Grilled Rib Eye

Reception Dessert: Traveling Treats – Mini Ice Cream Cones, Fried Oreos, Cake Pops, Hazelnut Chocolate Ravioli, and more….


A Walk down Memory Lane

Select a menu that has significance to your life. If your favorite meal is Mac and Cheese, select Mac and Cheese as a dish. Maybe this is one of your fondest childhood memories, maybe you make this on a rainy day or you just love it. You can also personalize your menu to reflect the life you and your fiancé have together.  Select a pretzel stand because of the pretzel you shared on your first date.



Go for something new and trendy! Making everything Instagrammable is a highly favored option. This could be done in the form of high-stacked sliders, heavily garnished cocktails and large donut wall. Producing comfort foods in a foodie fashion has become increasingly popular.




In today’s day and age, it’s all about the experience! Create a memorable time for your guests with food stations that really wow. This could be the pour over cheese, Carving Stations, or cheesy pasta.


Planning your wedding menu can be hard. Identifying the factor that is most important to you and starting there, can significantly smooth out the process. Do you want the experience to take control of the night? Are you wanting the latest trends to set the forefront? Will you let your memories to lead the way? Choose what direction you want to go in and we’ll take care of the rest.


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